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Svita - Raanan Eylon / Yaacov Shilo - Music By Israeli And Jewish Composers (Vinyl, LP)

9 thoughts on “ Svita - Raanan Eylon / Yaacov Shilo - Music By Israeli And Jewish Composers (Vinyl, LP)

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  3. Palestinian singer Yacoub Shaheen walked away with the title of Arab Idol on Saturday night, nabbing a recording contract with Platinum Records. The year-old from Bethlehem bested fellow.
  4. Songs in Category Erev Shabbat Back to categories • Songsheet (just words) • Songsheet (translations/info). Acheinu אַחֵינוּ; Ana B'choach אָנָא בּכֹחַ; Aneinu עֲנֵנוּ; Anovim Anovim.
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  6. n^IlakaNDasivan iyaRRiya siva kIrththanaip pADalkaL - (Songs of Siva kIrththana created by Nilakantasivan).
  7. Music by composers in Theresienstadt () Hypérion CDA The Nash Ensemble Music by Israeli and Jewish Composer EMI F (LP, ) Raanan Eylon, flûte Yaacov Shilo, piano. / 40 Opus Sedm Písní v Lidovém Tónu [Sieben Lieder im Volkston, Sept Mélodies dans le ton populaire] pour Baryton ou Soprano et Piano.

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